Meet The GluvIts DVD and Glove Puppet Set


DVD and Glove Puppet Set


Each DVD comes with its own pair of GluvIts, GluvItSign alphabet card and a GluvIts care and feeding card.  All just $15.00!















From The Crib to the Classroom...
A Unique New Way to Learn While They Play!



Baby Gluvits

Baby GluvItSign

You can start with your child as an infant by using Baby GluvItSign.  Learn signs you'll use to communicate with them before they learn to speak. Click on the Baby GluvItSign tab to learn more.   You can also accessorize the nursery with GluvItSign room decorations.  Click on the Store to see our selection.


The GluvIts and GluvItSign

Your toddler or preschooler will move onto GluvItSign with their own pair of GluvIts and the Meet the GLuvIts DVD. Children will thouroughly learn the sign language alphabet and most of their colors. Click on the Store tab to find out more.


Wear The GluvIts!

You can add to the fun with GluvIts T-Shirts, aprons, dolls, room decorations and much, much more. Click on the Store tab to find the perfect item for your child.

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